Terms of service

On the digital pathways, where long URLs roam,
Urli.info, a trusted friend, finds its home.
Our URL shortener, a solution bright,
Bringing simplicity, day and night.

Respect for the Service:
Urli.info, a place of respect,
No misuse or harm, let's not neglect.
Use our service with a purpose true,
To share and connect, in all you do.

Privacy and Data Protection:
Your privacy matters, dear user of Urli,
We safeguard your data, oh so securely.
Encryption shields your information fair,
Rest assured, your trust we truly share.

Responsible Sharing:
In the realm of sharing, let's be wise,
No spreading of hate or harmful lies.
Respect others' rights, their work and voice,
Creating a community where all rejoice.

Intellectual Property Rights:
Respect creators, their efforts divine,
Urli.info upholds intellectual property in line.
No infringement allowed, let's be clear,
Honoring copyright and innovation near.

Limitation of Liability:
While we aim to offer a smooth ride,
Urli.info holds no liability, side by side.
Use the service at your own discretion,
We're here to assist, but you make the decision.

Termination and Changes:
Urli.info reserves the right to amend,
Terms of Use, as needed, my friend.
We'll keep you informed, no need for dismay,
Adapt and continue, together we'll sway.

In the realm of Urli.info, a place serene,
Where URL shortening is a seamless routine.
With respect, privacy, and responsible sharing,
Let's journey together, in harmony caring.

On the digital pathways, where trust is key,
Urli.info stands strong, protecting you and me.
In addition to the terms we've shared before,
Scam, phishing, and illegal use, we abhor.

Protection Against Scam and Phishing:
At Urli.info, we're vigilant and aware,
Scam and phishing attempts, we declare:
Using our service for fraudulent schemes,
Is strictly forbidden, shattered like dreams.

Prohibition of Illegal Activities:
In the realm of Urli.info, we take a stand,
Illegal activities have no place in our land.
No spreading of hate, violence, or harm,
We promote a safe space, a digital charm.

Reporting Suspicious or Illegal Use: [email protected]
If you witness suspicious or illegal acts,
Report them promptly, that's a crucial fact.
Together we can maintain a secure sphere,
Where trust and integrity always appear.

In the realm of Urli.info, a sanctuary true,
Where integrity shines through and through.
With protection against scams and illegal strife,
Let's foster a community that thrives.